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Meet: {The Belle of the Ball}

     Hello, my name is Natalie, and owning my own business has been a dream of mine for many years. I have an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit that just radiates out of me. After thirty years of growing into the person I am today, I finally ventured out on my own and made my dreams come true. In 2011 Wedding Belles Bridal Boutique was established in Gilbert, Arizona.
     As a native of the East Valley I knew I had to open Wedding Belles in my hometown. The most important aspect of my life is being close to my family and friends. After searching I stumbled upon the Gilbert Town Square. My destiny was unfolding before my eyes. I acted upon and trusted my intuition and "gut" feeling. This is what I should be doing and here is where it should be happening...
"We provide a memorable experience created with joy, honesty and integrity. We put every bride first among all other circumstances. We value your love story, and are honored being apart of your big day. We offer affordable designer wedding gowns, without sacrificing authenticity. This is our promise."

Our Promise

Affordable and chic wedding dresses and formal wear in Phoenix, Arizona bridal shops

     Against all odds, I set out on a life-changing journey to open Wedding Belles on my 30th birthday. My husband and family worked tirelessly building me my dream birthday present. Together, we created what I think is a beautiful and quaint bridal shop in Gilbert, Arizona that provides brides an enjoyable, affordable and relaxing shopping experience. 
     At Wedding Belles, we strive to create lifelong memories for our brides and their families. Of course it is all about the dress, but creating a fun and memorable experience is by far my passion! I look forward to personally helping you find "the dress" of your dreams! 

{Our  Services}

Wedding Belles is the first boutique to offer affordable designer wedding gowns in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas in the valley. In addition, we provide an intimate boutique setting, provide a vast selection of bridesmaid dresses, and deliver friendly service that keeps brides happy throughout the wedding planning journey. We promise quality attention to each and every bride at Wedding Belles because we value YOUR love story, and are honored to be apart of it.

Your bridal experience will include:

  • a 90 minute appointment
  • a private dressing room
  • a semi-private viewing area for you and your entourage
  • 3-way mirrors
  • 3rd party alterations specialist for your convenience 

​In addition, we offer bridesmaid dresses and other formal wear to complete your wedding day look. At Wedding Belles, you can feel confident that we stand by our products and services and strive to meet each and every customer's expectations!